Natalie's fashion workshop.

So what actually is this place?

Posted in Blog by Charlotte Rouge on 16 December 2009

This is my new idea, kind of… a dream coming true.

Fashion industry is the closest thing to me. I grew up in a small town in Poland, close to the capital. One of my parents’ business was clothing production for the local market. It started when I was born (’89, the end of communism), so I was growing up in textile shops, secondhand stores, those old needle-women’s houses and parent’s workshop. I was reading “Burda”, pseudo-fashion magazine for designers. I learned how to cut and sew materials. Soon I started designing my own clothes. I always had my own, unique style that nobody in this small town could ever understand. People at school called me ‘scarecrow’ and ‘UFO’, teachers were pointing my style out, although I wasn’t dirty or wearing cosmic clothes. They just weren’t aware of those possibilities that fashion brings. Secondhand stores became my fascination, I was getting back home with bags full of ‘useless’ treasures. I held them till 2006 when my first crazy business concept came to life. I have opened an online store with secondhand clothes with a friend. Today it’s run by this friend of mine, who turned out to be untruthful. But I don’t regret leaving it. I’ve got maaaany more dreams to fulfill 🙂

Today I’m running my own advertising, photography and modeling agency. I am engaged to the great man. I am going to built a beautifull home. But there just one thing that I can’t fully explore – my fashion fascination. I always wanted to be a model, designer, journalist, stylist, photographer and trend-setter. I know what I want to wear, but I just can’t be true and constant with that. I love fashion that’s connected to rock. Glam rock, moth, 80’s style. I am so delighted that 2009 trends are so close to my image! But there are still two problems – I love also pin-up, vintage, rustic, a little sporty also romantic and chic style. The result is a closet full of unsuitable clothes. The next issue is that I usually end up sitting by my computer in jeans, random blouse and sweater ’cause it’s easy, quick and comfortable.

How to solve it? I’m going to post once a week my combinations of clothes, accessories and shoes, my own designs and photos of people whose style I admire. I am going to show you my fashion alter ego and give myself a fashion therapy! 🙂

So… my name is Natalie and hope you guys will have fun here!



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  1. Emma said, on 28 November 2010 at 10:49 pm

    What is the second-hand shop called, love? C:

  2. […] my first note? I think my fashion therapy is finished! I can officially say that I am not wearing only jeans with […]

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