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Posted in People=inspiration, Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 22 February 2010

It’s sunny – finally! ^^ I feel like wearing only light and romantic clothes now. I know, I know… it’s cold, but still… 😉 SPRING! COME ON!


Shirt H&M 2007
Skirt H&M 2007
Socks H&M 2007
High heels H&M 2007
Necklace with a heart H&M 2007
Coffer Secondhand Store

Oh, looks like I’m all in H&M from 2007 collection ;D


Recently I’ve bought new ELLE magazine (Polish issue). There’s an interview with Tom Ford in it. I feel like he could be my soulmate if we ever met. He’s a handsome and intelligent man, great designer and movie director. I can’t wait to see ‘A single man‘. I already think it’s a masterpiece. So, let me quote Tom:

“You can dress up and walk in an empty room, but no one’s impressed.  You don’t contribute, you don’t take the floor.”

“My inner world is completely connected to the outside. If my house is in bad state, than I am too. I need balance.”


So – go and buy new ELLE! There’s more than just an interview inside 😉


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