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New stuff on board!

Posted in Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 1 June 2010

Zara has finally put out light blazers, beige and pink ones. I was waiting for them so impatiently!

I also have my very first wedges ^__^ It’s funny, because I remember trying them on a year ago in H&M. Three days ago I found them in the store, very dusty. Guess they didn’t got sold out, so H&M kept them for the next season. That’s great, ’cause I really regret not buying them first time ^__^

I’ve been to the ophthalmologist, cause my eyes start to be really tired while working on a computer. I’m gonna wear new glasses! ❤ The choice was very difficult to make. I loved the brown, thick rimmed Gucci ones, then I found similar, but cheaper from Lacoste… finally picked cheaper ones, brown, with leopard ones, looking like Ray Ban Wayfarers, but smaller.

I guess I can check most of pieces from my “spring 2010 wishlist” (list 1., list 2.) . There are only denim shirt and jumper left, some tights and cowboy boots. As soon as I get them I’ll be the happiest person on earth! ^__^


Trench coat H&M 2010
Dress ZARA 2009
Chains H&M 2009
Necklace TOPSHOP 2009
Hat ALDO 2010
Wedges H&M 2010
Tights TOPSHOP 2009


Blazer ZARA 2010
Dress ZARA 2009
Necklace H&M 2007
Hat ALDO 2010
Wedges H&M 2010
Leggings MANGO 2009

Shorts ZARA 2010
Necklace H&M 2007
Rings ALDO 2009
Hat ALDO 2010
Wedges H&M 2010

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  1. Moni said, on 23 June 2010 at 9:52 am

    I just wanted to say that I loooove your style, especially your collection of lace! You always look so nice, and I really like the way you’ve been mixing black with lighter colors lately.

  2. mme_brzydka said, on 5 June 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Chyba się w Tobie zakochałam. Od dawna nie natknęłam się na osobę, której styl tak by mnie poruszył!

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