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Posted in Fashion designs by Charlotte Rouge on 8 November 2010

It’s been two months now since I am a student of International Costume and Fashion Design School. I am learning how to draw, how to cut fabrics, sew them and most of all how to design fashion and clothes. Although I have to manage work and studying at once, I am trying my best to do both good. Still, work is more important, so even though I’ve got millions of  ideas what to design or sew – I don’t have enough time to make them real. I am already thinking about my own online shop and creating a real collection, but I guess it’s a little bit too soon for that. Anyways… have a look at my homeworks:

Task 1. – create a garment of one piece of material without cutting it.

This is an evening dress for a sexy, independent woman. Inspiration were: warrior suits, cocoons, Milla Jovovich’s red dress from Resident Evil and Angelina Jolie’s black dress from Mr and Mrs Smith.

Task 2. – create an outfit from head to toe, prêt-à-porter

My idea is to create whole collection combining lace, studs and leather – wait for that! 🙂

Task 3. – create at least 5 outfits inspired by a fabric

These are mostly inspired by this season 50’s style, I have added some modern touch.

This one’s inspired by military uniforms and color is nude – my favorite one!

And the last one is more eccentric, seems dramatic to me.

Task 4. – choose one clothing company, analyze its AW 10-11 collection and create at least 5 outfits completing it.

I have chosen ZARA. You can see here autumn lookbooks and compare my designs to their style. I am aware that this company is copying some of famous fashion designers, but still I love it for giving us so many choices and luxurious looking clothes in affordable prices.

So, I hope you liked my scribbles 🙂 I know, I know, those feet look a little bit distorted 😀 I just wanted to show how do shoes look 😉

I wish I was a talented drawer, but I can only dream of being as good as Sofia… Take a look at her wonderful work!


Also… I bought my own sewing machine ^__^ I’m so excited, I have already made some clothes! It’s pink and feminine, my little girl ^_^


I am ought to have and show the lecturers my inspiration, what motivated me to design this or that. That’s why I am going to publish here some pictures, music or videos. Hope you’ll find them inspiring too! 🙂


Please check out my facebook page! Soon I will put there more and more exclusive info and photos 🙂

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