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Italia, Italia…

Posted in Journeys, Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 27 November 2010

I’m back and have prepared for you a short reportage from my camera and phone 🙂 Hope you’ll find it inspiring.

Italy is wonderful ❤ I especially loved Ravenna for its beautiful architecture, narrow streets and quiet, cameral atmosphere. Bologna was instead very crowded and full of life. We also went for a trip around Tuscany. The landscapes were incredible! We had only one sunny day, it was also very cold, but the photoshoot we planned to do went off well. We are really disappointed with the food in Italy. I love pasta and pizza, I hoped for excellent solutions and mixes of flavours, but all we got was simple (and even burnt!) pizza or noodles with tomato sauce. Our big problem was 5-hour fiesta, that restaurants had in dinnertime. We were hungry looking for anyplace open, but had to wait till 7 p.m. to eat something more than a sweet cake.  A big problem was also language barrier- not every store or restaurant have a worker speaking English. Most of the menus aren’t written in English, the information on stations were unclear. We also had some bad experience on road, got lost, but in the end we were happy and had some great time:)

I bought few days ago great, elastic beige riding pants. They were just perfect for a flight in poky plane. For the next days of our stay I was wearing everything that I had, just to warm myself a little bit more.

I know I’ll come back to see more. Next time in summer 🙂

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