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Posted in Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 10 August 2010

I am so so sorry, that I haven’t written earlier. I’ve got so much work and many problems to solve. Although I haven’t been writing it doesn’t mean, that I haven’t been shopping 🙂 There was sales time, and new collections arrived so now it’s time to show my treasures and new looks! But first – I wanted to show you my next publication. It’s in Shopper Magazine, based in Beijing, China. They are a printing mag (monthly issued), focusing on high-street brands, young fashion style, fashion business and pop culture of China and abroad.  Please contact if you’re interested in their magazine.

In English – it’s the original interview:
1. Name, age, location and occupation.

My name is Natalie, I’m 20 and I’m a photographer.

2. How do you describe your own style? And how fashion express your
personality out of the way it keeps inside your heart?

My style is indescribable. I am inspired by everything around me:
people, movies I watch, music I listen to… For example: if I listen
to ‘The Like’ I wear romantic flower dresses, and if I listen to ‘The
Kills’ or ‘The Black Keys’, I wear jeans, t-shirts and converses.

3. You said that you started to care about fashion since childhood and
your family business were related to the fashion industry, so how did
these experiences influenced you for years, and what inspired you
mostly on making clothes by yourself? Does the childhood influence
from fashion to you last till today?

My experience with fashion in childhood made me fashion conscious and
my fashion taste became more sophisticated. I always believed that I
will be a trendsetter and will design clothes that a lot of
people will love to wear. Being so close to fashion for that long made
me more self confident in that industry.

4. What was your goal of fashion? And how did you make it come true?
What’s your biggest obstacle at this moment or in such process?

I dream of having my own store and selling clothes for chic women. I
can’t draw well, I hope that my new school will help me with that.

5. You said you could not stick with only one style, but on the other
hand you are very much in love with the sort of rock, 80’s, vintage,
rustic, a little sporty but also romantic and chic style, would you
agree that there’s a certain connection between your style and your
personality? What impression do you want to give people, is it that
you’re very changeable and constantly different?

Yes, your exactly right about that! I am very unstable, changing all
the time my interests. That’s why I used to have a nickname ‘oxymora’.

6. And what fashion really brings you to your life? what do you hope
to give people with what you do?

Fashion makes my life complete. Without it I definitely wouldn’t be
who I am now. I want to inspire people with what I wear, what I adore,
what inspired me.

7. Please list 10 essential things in your daily life. (Any clothes,
habits or important things you couldn’t live without)

1. My beloved fiancée ❤
2. Tic tac’s and lip balm
3. Black in clothes or accessory
4. Check my private and business email
5. Facebook and Lookbook
6. Do something creative and earn money
7. Listen to good music
8. Watch a movie
9. Have a good sleep
10. Look well

8. Who is your fashion icon and what type of people are most appealing to you?

There are many people inspiring me. I love latest Kristen Stewart
looks. I am also observing Zooey Deschanel, Kate Moss and Alison

9. List some your favorite magazines and interesting books you read recently.

Elle, K MAG, I don’t read a lot, but I am in love with
the Twilight series 🙂

10. Tell me about your other hobbies/interests apart from fashion, or
something else you're very good at, and do a lot.

I am a photographer. I run my own photography and CG agency. I also
own a modeling agency. All is combined with fashion 🙂

11. Where do you like to travel this year? What’s the most interesting
experience about fashion in Poland?

I am cosmopolitan and I don’t feel good in Poland. I think that polish
style (not only in fashion) is a combination of everything else, what
Poles have seen abroad. There’s nothing inspiring here for me.
I’ve been in Fuerteventura, Spain. It’s so beautiful. But my biggest
dream is to come to some small town in Toscany, Italy and go on a
roadtrip with my friends in the USA.

New clothes:

Lace blouse from Bershka

dark garden

Gorgeous asymmetric military dress from ZARA %

dark garden

Black open back dress from ZARA %

dark garden

Denim 90’s shirt from ZARA

dark garden

And some old ones with fresh summer look:

dark garden

dark garden

dark garden

I really, really can’t wait till Autumn! New collections are so inspiring! I am also starting design school in few weeks – a new life coming along! ^__^

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