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Be a chic woman, wear a trench coat!

Posted in Blog, Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 23 February 2010

I’ve finally bought my very first and perfect trench coat! ^.^ I’ve been dreaming about it for a couple of moths, but I couldn’t find the ideal one in any store. Allegro (Polish Ebay) turned out to be a great source of cheap and unique pieces.  I took the risk and I bought it without trying it on. It’s just like I imagined: light color, knee length, belted waist, skirted shape, puffy sleeves… love it! ❤ (I could only wish for military flaps). Now I can welcome spring with opened arms! ^^


Trench coat H&M 2010
Blouse with puffy sleeves RESERVED 2009
Faux leather dress ZARA 2009
Leggings MANGO 2009
High heels ZARA 2009
Bug ZARA 2007


I’m selling some of my clothes. Check them out! Maybe you’ll like them 🙂 Here’s my account: charlotte-rouge


I’ve lost the point of writing, addressing my notes to any reader. There are many views, but almost none comments. Yet, I’d like to thank Madlen for featuring my blog.

I’m going to make a little break.

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