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Wow! I made it!

Posted in Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 24 June 2010

This is incredible… It’s 2 weeks to my last exam and my graduate photoshoot is ready! I am so proud and satisfied, yet I can’t believe that I’ve made it… it’s been so hard to organize all those little parts to make these pictures look perfect… I really regret, but I can’t show you anything yet 😦 But please, be patient! It’s worth waiting for 🙂

The next great news is that I’ve got accepted to the next school – International School of Costume and Fashion Design! ^___^ In few months I will be posting here my very own fashion designs! ^__^

I bought this lovely flower in H&M. Check it out!

Blazer ZARA 2010
Dress H&M 2009
Flower H&M 2010
Tights H&M 2010
Heels ALDO 2009

I also have this L-size dress from ZARA that I must have had! I really feel bad in it, it’s so shapeless. But what can you do? It’s so beautiful! 😉

Blazer H&M 2008
Dress ZARA 2008
Tights TOPSHOP 2009
Wedges H&M 2010
Hat ALDO 2009
Rings ALDO 2009


It’s sales time! I just came back from ZARA. I’ve bought for M. these lovely retro shoes and white blouse. I’ve got 2 amazing dresses and some chic blouses for work. Hope to show them to you soon!

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