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Keira, my love <3

Posted in People=inspiration, Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 16 June 2010

Few years ago I was totally in Keira Knigthley just like now I am in Kristen Stewart. In 2007, after releasing Atonement she appeared at Jonathan Ross’ show looking sooo stunning! She was wearing a beautiful white blouse, black trapeze skirt, suspenders and black t-bars. I fell in love with that look, bought navy blue high waisted skirt, because I couldn’t find a black one. And the white sleeveless A-form blouse was nowhere to be found also. I waited and never forgotten. A month ago, looking for shorts in ZARA, I saw this stunning white blouse – just like in my dreams of Keira ^__^ So here is my version of her 20’s-inspired outfit and some of my combinations with the blouse.

Blouse ZARA 2010
Black skirt MANGO 2009
Navy blue skirt NUMPH 2008
Suspenders H&M 2007
Peep toe wedges ZARA 2008

Blouse ZARA 2010
Shorts ZARA 2020
Sandals ZARA 2010

Blouse ZARA 2010
Pants ZARA 2007
A-form coat CUBUS 2008
Wedges H&M 2010

This was actually my work outfit. I am a wedding photographer. I need to be wearing comfortable but chic clothes. It was hot that day, and fortunately we were only at the one-hour ceremony, so I let myself wear wedges. I always wear flats at weddings, because my feet would be dead by evening if I wear heels… đŸ˜¦


Oh! Here is an interview with me published by Alexandra from La Garçonne!


I am also sooo excited, because today me and M. were on the air with our favorite ESKA ROCK radio! ^__^ It was so spontaneous! The subject was the relationship between a boss and employee. We sent a text message, that I am M.’s boss and we’re together for 8 years now and the speakers were so amazed by our love story đŸ˜‰ So we won an Eclipse soundtrack! ^___^ (by the way – I’ve heard it already and it’s so emotional! Love it!)

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