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Posted in People=inspiration, Wear Me by Charlotte Rouge on 3 March 2010

I always wanted to have someone close to talk to about fashion.  It gets more and more real… 🙂 I’d like to present a very promising, young designer who’s a good friend of mine. His name is Adrian Mardzyński, but I prefer to call him Marcel and since he’s a designer his nick name became ‘Coco Marcel’ ( he’s going to find out while reading this ;)). I hope that we’ll come up with a better pseudonym or will anglicize his real name 😉 Anyway – here are some of his early projects and me posing in his pilot cap 😉

You can see in his style a mixture of skate, punk and alternative culture with a touch of chic. His aim is to work with TOPMAN.


I hope that my advise on choosing the way of life was helpful and I wish him very best! 🙂


What a coincidence! I’ve got a lot of TOPSHOP on me that day 😉


Jacket TOPSHOP 2008
Dress TOPSHOP 2009
Vest ZARA 2009
Roll-neck top PROMOD 2008
Roll-neck blazer CUBUS 2008
Leggings MANGO 2008
Flat  boots ECCO 2007
Scarf H&M 2008
Gloves PRIMARK 2008
Hat H&M 2007
Bracelet CUBUS 2008

PS. I won in a ‘black set’ contest by Rexona & Agatiszka 😉 Yupie! ^_^ Details here.

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